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Olive Tree Caretakers Since 1910

20th Century Olive Tree Nursery

The history of the olive tree "Olea Europaea" holds a captivating origin like no other tree. Also referred to as "the tree of life" due to the benefits of its olive oil, olive trees were used by humans approximately 100,000 years ago, and fossil evidence indicates that the olive tree's origins go much further back—20-40 million years. For thousands of years, olive trees were primarily grown for lamp oil. In the 1700's, Spanish missionaries brought the olive tree to North America, and in 1782 the Great Seal of the United States emerged depicting an eagle clutching an olive tree branch in one of its talons, indicating the power of peace. And in 1946, the United Nations adopted the symbol of the world with two olive tree branches on its flag.


While 20th Century Olive Tree Nursery's rich history does not reach back as far as the origins of the olive tree, we are well established in caring for olive trees since 1910. Our current olive tree caretaker has been planting, pruning, harvesting, and selling olive trees for over 30 years. With about 800 olive trees to choose from, some of the olive trees in our nursery are approximately 140 years old.


Our olive trees can live almost anywhere as our olive trees are evergreen, drought resistant, and consume less water than other trees. We believe in not just selling an olive tree, but we know the history of our trees, unlike many other companies who simply buy olive trees from an orchard and then resale it with NO HISTORY. We do not believe in selling anyone just a random tree. We only offer olive trees from our nursery, knowing the who, what, and how the olive trees have been taken care of, which allows our customers to obtain the narrative of the olive tree they purchase.


Typically, our customers purchase our olive trees for one of two purposes (or both). First is an ornamental appeal, which our olive trees can be pruned to create a unique atheistic to the landscape for your home or business, and these evergreen olive trees provide shade all year round. Second, customers purchase our olive trees to harvest olives for the table or the 100% olive oil. All pruning of our olive trees can be specified exactly to your needs, allowing you to choose the height and shape of the olive tree before delivery.

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