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Did you know that olive trees can add value to your home? Our commitment to growing the best olive trees for sale on California soil delivers excellence and quality to home owners, commercial properties, and the finest choice for landscapers looking for olive trees. Our orchard carries a wide selection of olive trees ready to be shipped to you. Contact us for a quote and to help you find the best olive tree for your property.

Our trees Icons
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Olive Tree Specimens

With about 800 olive trees to choose from, some of our olive trees in our nursery are approximately 140 years old. Our olive trees greatest strength is drought resistance and can be specific to your needs.
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Delivery times and cost can vary, but we will not deliver your olive tree until you are completely satisfied with the olive tree(s) of your choice. Contact us for more details and get your quote today.
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Contact us to receive a quote and let us help you find the right olive tree for you, whether you are looking for an evergreen or specifically for harvesting olives for the table or olive oil.
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